Get Baggage Related Information with Delta Airlines Customer Service

Travelling via flight for the first time? If yes, there may be a plethora of doubts lingering in your mind. It is time to get them resolved as Delta Airlines has a fully-functional customer service to provide all the details about anything by just giving them a call at Delta airlines contact number 1-800.

The query may be related to the checked baggage information when you book your flight ticket. The Delta Airlines member is available for you always and helps to remove or solve your respective queries every time. If you are traveling via flight for the first time so, the Delta Airlines customer care is always there for you to guide. So, let’s check out all the details in this given guide:

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Delta Airlines Toll-free Number:

In case you have any doubt related to the baggage or want to know the baggage policy of the Delta airlines, feel free to contact on the Delta Airlines toll-free number which is 1-844-850-3470. The number is available 24*7 for the customer services.

Baggage Policy Provided by Delta Airlines:

The most important thing that actually affects your whole trip via flight is the luggage. Just like other transport, you are free to take your entire important and heavy luggage along with you, if you need to. Following is the luggage policy of Delta Airlines, so by this, you can get an idea of how to manage your entire luggage while traveling via the Delta Airlines flight:

 Dimensions of the luggage: (22*14*9 inch) or 115 centimetres (56*36*23)

 Weight: 50 pounds or 23 kilograms

 Quantity: The baggage policy allows one handbag and one bag (briefcase, laptop bag)

 Note: Items like an umbrella, jacket; diaper bag does not count in your carry-on allowance.

Thus, with this, it is time to quickly clear all your doubts by calling at the Delta airlines phone number related to the baggage policies and also be enlightened with the new information that you may gain. This will help you plan well on this trip as well as on all your future trips.

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