Know the Delayed or Damaged bag policy with Delta Airlines

Though travelling is the most amazing way to refresh your mind but sometimes it can get pesky. Travelling can get harsh on your luggage. Your baggage can be damaged, mishandled making it completely disappeared sometimes. In case of delayed baggage, passengers are advised to not get panicky. Delta Airlines Reservations are concerned with safety of your luggage, they will guide you properly to find your delayed or damaged luggage.

Delayed baggage

In case of delayed bag, contact Delta representative immediately. To check the status of your delayed luggage use file reference number given by Delta agent when reported about delayed baggage. File a delayed luggage report on your device as follows-

  • Open Delta Airlines Official Siteto report about your delayed bags.
  • Choose “track my bags” option.
  • Fill your last name and bag tag to view the status and details of your delayed baggage.

Though Delta representatives will be available to help you. If your 1st or 2nd checked in bag have not been found even after 12 hours of reporting, you are eligible for bag fee rebate. You will receive rebate in the form of electronic travel voucher (ETCV).

Track the checked baggage with the bag tag no which you got while check-in.

Damaged baggage

If your bag has been damaged, bring all the damaged items to Delta Air Lines airport baggage office immediately after arriving at airport. Delta agents will re-check and re-value your bag. If needed fill the Baggage Claim Form.

Missing Items

If you find some property to be missing from checked bag during Delta Airlines Flights, please report the missing items to an assignee immediately at Delta Airlines Phone Number 1-844-850-3470 Keep in note that you must report about missing property from checked bag within 24 hours for domestic travelling and within 7 days for international travelling. Reference number will be given to you to complete the form filling process within 30 days after reporting.

If some items are missing from your unchecked bag, contact within 7 days. Fill the lost item form.

“Begin Your Claim” form

Claim for your lost, delayed and damaged luggage by filling this form. Obtain the File Reference Number while reporting.

After submitting this form, attach necessary documents to expedite this process. Grab best deals on Delta Airlines Toll free numberto be stress-free about your baggage.

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